The real growth for restaurants?

Stop leaving data & margins on the table

Discover an advanced approach to de-emphasize reliance on third-party providers so you can own your data and the relationship with your customer.

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Over 50% of food and drink app downloads in 2022 were third-party providers, creating urgency to close the gap between restaurant brands and their customers.

While restaurants raise prices to cover the loss of margin to third-party services, and get progressively further away from their customers, there’s a giant opening for competitive disruption.

Material’s high-performance restaurant practice brings extensive experience in strategies for growth and customer retention. We’ve partnered with brands such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Chuck E. Cheese, Church’s Texas Chicken, Jamba Juice, Auntie Anne’s, Whataburger, and more to create outstanding results.

Predict and own the evolving needs of your customers. 

More than half of all QSR consumers are digitally inclined, making digital transformation more critical than ever.

Staying competitive means owning your customer relationships, leveraging data and technology, and reimagining your loyalty program to create an integrated view of customer lifetime value.


We know why people eat out. Discover new solutions to compete for 
long-term growth. 

An over-reliance on third parties to solve your challenges comes at a very steep cost. Material is uniquely structured to understand customers at deeper levels and get new ideas into the market, faster.

Loyalty Program Design & Strategy 
We support brands with an experience-first approach from concept through design, modular build, launch and evolution. Our loyalty strategy revolves around customer-centric experiences to create stronger connections for long-term customer retention. 
Program Management & Operations 
We bring thorough program management to QSR brands, overseeing tech stacks, complex data systems and business rules, integrating solutions across the commerce and program experience.  
Loyalty Analytics & Measurement Services 
Using an insights-led approach coupled with activation to unveil new opportunities powered with analytics, we measure how and why people behave and provide prescriptive recommendations backed by predictive analytics and forecasting.
Loyalty Marketing & Design Services 
CRM/Messaging services are integrated with our loyalty experiences and supported with strategic, award-winning work across concept creation, product design, content strategy, digital experiences and technology. 
Technology Consulting Services 
We are platform-agnostic and vet 100+ systems/platforms across data, loyalty, messaging, AI, commerce and mobile to ensure partners fit our clients and their roadmaps. 
Customer Data Management Services
We provide complete data management services to understand the full device graph across the loyalty ecosystem. We integrate disconnected databases and crystallize data to gain a single, actionable view of each customer.