Chuck E. Cheese


Refreshing an iconic brand for a multigenerational experience.

Gen X has fond memories of amazing childhood birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, but the experience wasn't designed to delight their parents as well. The company approached Material because it wanted to create an updated experience that would appeal to fun lovers of all ages and reinvigorate its status as the birthday capital of the United States.

Our goal was to help Chuck E. Cheese develop a winning presence on social media, create contemporary spaces for year-round family fun, and attract a new generation of fans along the way!
  • Redesigned the website to streamline the birthday party booking process.

  • Drove traffic and reservations with a marketing campaign called “The Best Birthday Feeling.”

  • Leveled up the brand’s social presence with 360-degree “Play Your Heart Out” campaign featuring cohesive, eye catching and mouthwatering content.

  • Evolved slogans like “Where a Kid Can be a Kid” to “Play now. Grow up later.”

  • Launched 200+ reimagined fun centres in markets across the country.

Our campaign – from brand work and seasonal promotions to expanded engagement with social audiences – was funderfully diverse. And we’re thrilled with the results!

Since 2019, the number of parties held at Chuck E. Cheese’s nationwide locations has increased 28%, with birthday party revenue up a whopping 36%! The loyalty program propelled a 49% increase in app downloads YoY and a 2,400% increase in Weekly Deal Redemption.

Now a fun, active voice in all its social channels, the brand’s social stats are delectable as well. Thanks to a more engaging and organic social strategy, the company has seen a 570% increase in video views and a 246% increase in engagement.

We were delighted to contribute to those impressive social stats by helping Chuck E. Cheese make a big, hilarious April Fools splash in 2023 with Chuck E. Cheese Weddings. The prank, which featured the witty tagline “Where a Mouse Can Make You a Spouse,” was designed to engage Millennial parents with diplomatic adult humor. It broke social engagement records for the company, received rave reviews from fans, and was featured in marketing news outlets like The Drum and Ad Age.

The satirical video (which received 16MM social media impressions!) signaled that the refreshed brand is still culturally relevant and a guaranteed good time for fun lovers of all ages.

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