The 2022 Material Fidelity™ Index

The ultimate tool for businesses to drive loyalty, advocacy, and growth. See which brands ranked highest — and learn how to improve your score.

Today, relevance belongs to the truly customer centric — so we created a new gauge for cultivating stronger customer relationships.



Introducing Material Fidelity™

A modern system for understanding and designing experiences that create passionate, durable relationships between brands and their customers.

Material Fidelity™ leverages relationship science and identity research to measure the quality of your customer relationships across three pillars: Useful, Proven, and Personal. The higher a brand scores, the stronger its relationships will be.

Most tools that exist today assess certain parts of the customer relationship, like brand trackers, Voice of Consumer studies, journey management tools, etc. And many of them are good tools for those specific purposes and specific teams. Few of them, however, are designed to zoom out and address the crucial question: Do you, valued customer, believe we have a relationship, too?


Material's Fidelity Index

What's Your Fidelity Profile?

High on Proven, low on Personal? Or maybe vice versa? Take a brief quiz to understand how your brand might score — and what to do about it.
My brand provides a user-friendly experience across all touchpoints.
People believe my brand’s offerings are worth what they cost.
My brand is socially responsible.
People count on my brand to consistently deliver the same results each time.
People believe using my brand says something good about them.
My brand offers new solutions or ideas.
People believe my brand is trustworthy.
My brand strives to serve people of all backgrounds and identities.
My brand is always available when people need it.

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Employee Spotlight

A better predictor of loyalty, advocacy, and growth.

High fidelity scores signal greater customer engagement, lifetime loyalty, and overall ROI than traditional brand and CX metrics alone. Here’s why:

1. Material Fidelity™ brings together both the rational and emotional drivers of relationships.

2. It’s grounded in behavioral science techniques that unlock key insights into consumer habits and preferences.

3. It’s validated against third-party data to demonstrate its value in driving superior business outcomes.

2x more likely to purchase.
Consumers are twice as likely to buy and/or try new products, advocate for, and be loyal to high fidelity brands.
3.5x greater financial performance.
On average, financial performance for high fidelity brands is three and a half times greater than low fidelity brands.
For our inaugural Fidelity Index, we ranked 165 major brands — from retailers and car companies to streaming services and social media platforms.

The Top 10:

Download the 2022 Fidelity Index to see the full list. Plus, learn how to discover — and improve — your brand's score.

You’ll also get additional analysis on Gen Z’s expectations from brands and industry-specific insights to help guide you forward.

Download the Index:


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