Mastering Jobs To Be Done – A Customer Segmentation Framework



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If you’ve done insights or innovation work, you know “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD) is a framework for thinking about your customers’ needs and how to meet them.

A “job” in this case is the underlying task your customers are trying to get done when they engage with a given product, service, or experience.

When you leverage the JTBD framework, you effectively uncover hidden business opportunities, allowing you to align innovation to solve real customer challenges and foster growth within your organization.

The power of the “jobs to be done” framework

At its core, JTBD is a radical but simple new way to frame customer insights. While it uses research techniques you already know and love, what you’re listening for in field is fundamentally different.

There are 3 primary reasons why the JTBD framework may be beneficial for you:

  1. Consumers’ needs, preferences, behaviors, and priorities change based on the context of what “job” they are trying to “hire” for at any particular moment. The JTBD framework teases apart that context for added segmentation depth and accuracy.
  2. JTBD highlights users’ expected job outcomes, allowing companies to better capitalize on opportunity areas.
  3. Finally, JTBD helps you uncover unique, common, and universal needs rather than relying solely on demographics and psychographics.

Is the JTBD framework right for you?

The Jobs To Be Done framework — while powerful — isn’t always the right approach for every situation. There are a few considerations you’ll want to explore before determining whether it will work for your unique needs.

Discover the key components of JTBD and if, when, and how you can use it to fuel your business strategy and brand innovation.

What you’ll learn

  • How to anchor your business strategy in a Jobs To Be Done framework
  • How to determine if JTBD is right for your unique business challenge
  • How to use a jobs statement template to help make your customer insights actionable
  • How to create and test new solutions that shape the future of the customer experience
  • How to use JTBD to power customer segmentation strategy
  • ​A case study of using JTBD to differentiate product claims, and more!