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Ensuring continuous brand health

You probably go to the doctor every year for an annual checkup. Just as blood tests can highlight health issues, trackers help brands understand marketplace standing, better grasp consumer sentiment, and identify obstacles — all in pursuit of making smarter decisions and driving growth. But that’s only if they’re done right. All too often, brand tracking solutions are static studies that are siloed from other key data sources.  
Fueled by strategy and science
We view trackers as ongoing systems of learning and action that integrate technology, analytics, foresight, and business context to drive continuous brand health — and better business performance. When trackers aren’t innovative, actionable, or connected, they rarely help brands address core business questions or make key decisions.

The best brand trackers answer key business questions, including:


  • How do your customers view your product or service? 
  • Have their opinions changed recently?  
  • Are there any competitors you need to be more aware of?  
  • Is a campaign achieving the desired results? 
  • What are potential areas for whitespace innovation?  


We’ve spent 40+ years leveraging science to learn from real-world results, and our integrated teams support companies in all phases of customer experience and digital transformations — from insight to action.

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