Science-backed customer segmentations to transform your business

Great customer segmentation frameworks drive strategy across your organizationfrom messaging and media planning to product development and innovation. Done right, segmentations can help guide you to create truly compelling customer experiences and drive revenue 

Our process:

Material’s science-based segmentations provide a clearly defined portrait of your target customer. We identify the most valuable groups of customers and prospects and prioritize them by receptivity to your brand’s offering, accessibility in the market, alignment with your strategy and brand purpose, and economic opportunity. 

After we’ve identified these customers, we’ll develop an actionable plan to reach them. For instance, we recently helped a major cruise line better understand non-cruise travelers, allowing them to develop more effective marketing and sales strategies to boost business performance worldwide. 

We’ve been conducting customer segmentations for decades, from geographically small areas to global studies on multiple continents. The key principles are the same. We’ll make sure the segments make sense and that you’re never puzzled by the inclusion or exclusion of a particular group.  

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Our solutions:

  • Since brands are facing a range of business issues, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. All of our segmentation solutions are bespoke, customized to your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Segments will be easily summarized and clearly differentiated on wedge issues. 
  • If you’re building a global framework, the solution will enable you to build a globally coherent brand. If a segment exists almost exclusively in one market, it will reflect those unique marketplace dynamics.
  • Segmentations often gather dust after the work is complete, but we design ours to be immediately actionable.  
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