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5 Lessons In Building A World-Class Brand Insights Program

Take advantage of these 5 lessons for transforming your brand tracking program into a holistic insights infrastructure.
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5 Lessons In Building A World-Class Brand Insights Program

The pandemic created a market dynamic that no one has ever experienced. Many marketers were thrown into a “forced trial” of new activations, campaigns, and strategies. Organizations that were flexible maintained competitiveness and gained market share while those mired in red tape or those that stubbornly resisted change lost share in both the market and in consumers’ minds. The trouble with this—at least the way we see it—is that pre-COVID stability isn’t returning anytime soon.

Why NOW is the time to revisit your brand tracker

Chaos and disruption are the new norms. Ranking of winners and losers during the pandemic will continue to shift and shuffle dramatically. Consumers are sharper, their expectations of what a brand should deliver and represent are higher than ever. As a result, their behaviors and sentiments are also constantly in flux.

This unfamiliar environment, and the frequency with which it changes, proves why brand tracking is more important than ever. Being hyperconnected and highly adaptable is no longer the key to excelling, it’s the key to survival.

Don’t miss this moment of opportunity

We believe brands have an unprecedented opportunity to refresh brand tracking initiatives—a chance we may not see again in our careers. A modernized tracking program can and should serve as an insights hub that eliminates gaps between insights, strategy, and market activations.

With this tool at the center of a business, consumer needs and behavior can drive business decisions and equip a brand with the flexibility to adapt to any marketplace conditions.

Discover 5 key lessons learned while rebuilding brand tracking into a holistic insights infrastructure:

What you’ll learn

  • A case study of a global brand’s journey to re-form their brand tracking program to deliver actionable insights,
  • The role of partnership in the success of the process and how to structure a winning team,
  • How to achieve brand tracking insights both relevant and valuable to stakeholders,
  • How to monitor performance and ROI,
  • Best practices for getting the most out of your reporting process,
  • Insights for course correcting your tracker to ensure the best results, and more!

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