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7 Practices and Principles for Stronger Brand Reputation Management

Brand and reputation are close cousins, but you cannot have one without the other. Find out why you need a proactive brand reputation management strategy now.
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7 Practices and Principles for Stronger Brand Reputation Management

When a brand crisis erupts — and it will — what do you do? How do you use earned media to protect your reputation in dire times? How do you create earned media opportunities to amplify reputation?

Brand and reputation are close cousins that must work together and deserve equal investment. Each plays a different role in the marketing continuum.

Brand vs. reputation — What’s the difference?

The brand is the promise of an experience; it’s controlled, influenced, and managed by the company, encompassing everything they want to say about their brand. They own the content.

Reputation is the perceived outcome of that designed experience. Reputation is earned and is a reflection of the brand’s character and the choices it makes.

You cannot have one without the other.

Why you need a proactive brand reputation management strategy

While brand and reputation are related, they’re also distinct. Reputation-building efforts require an always-on public relations approach that proactively promotes a brand’s reputation.

Because no brand is immune to crisis, your best best is to establish a proactive plan that fosters good will and earns trust day in and day out — that is, don’t wait until disaster strikes!

This is where thoughtfully executed PR comes in.

What you’ll learn

  • The 7 considerations you need to elevate or repair your reputation in both good and challenging times,
  • Ways to approach on-going brand reputation management,
  • How to control the conversation around your brand,
  • The importance of reinforcing consistent brand messaging in all earned media initiatives,
  • Examples of successful earned media case studies and what made them work,
  • Why investing in a comprehensive, proactive earned media strategy should be at the top of your to-do list, and more!

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