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5 Ways Your Brand Can Engage Every Generation: From Boomers to GenZ

In these unprecedented times, it's essential your brand strategy evolves. Our latest research reveals 5 key need states brands should consider to remain essential to customers of every generation.

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We recently conducted a brand new survey of 2,500+ American adults to uncover what consumers truly want and need from the brands they choose, and to gather insights on what actually matters to different generations. We’re sharing how to apply them to evolve your brand strategy in these uncertain times.

Download 5 Ways to Engage Every Generation: From Boomers to GenZ to learn:

  • The 5 key need states brands must deliver on to become essential to every generation
  • Generational skews that reveal what the 5 need states mean to each generation, from Boomers to GenZ
  • Examples of brands across categories that deliver on each need state
  • 5 actionable takeaways and starting points to build an essential brand that sparks curiosity, conversion, and loyalty

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