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Emotion in Advertising is More Important Than Ever: Brand Lessons in Uncertain Times

Consumer behavior is driven by emotion. Find out how leveraging "share of heart" in your digital advertising can benefit your bottom line.
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Emotion in Advertising is More Important Than Ever: Brand Lessons in Uncertain Times

You know good advertising when you see it, but you know great advertising when you feel it.

The best brands — those that consumers turn to first in good times and bad — focus on connecting more deeply with customers than the competition; that is, they tap into the power of human emotions.

They do this by consciously using emotion in their advertising to reinforce their brand positioning and strategy while addressing their customers’ fundamental human needs.

Digital channels enable marketers to create more emotional connections and build brands quickly (and more effectively) than ever before.

Leveraging “share of heart” in your digital advertising strategy

Despite a lot of misconceptions about the science of emotion, this isn’t some esoteric concept; in fact, brand-building through emotion is a process we can actively measure and influence.

It starts with building the right emotional moments, connecting with basic human needs (like belonging and security), and nurturing deeper connections over a sustained period of time.

Picture this: while your purchases are up, your revenue is flat and your ability to charge a premium is eroding — what gives? If this sounds like you, then you might be neglecting to cultivate something we call “share of heart” in your digital advertising strategy.

What is share of heart?

Share of heart encompasses the ability for a brand to capture the minds, hearts, aspirations, and values of consumers — so much that it leads them to incorporate a brand into their identity.

This is what enables brands to successfully move into new verticals or product and service offerings. It even facilitates forgiveness when a brand makes a mistake.

Ready to build deeper connections with your customers?

Design stronger digital advertising by introducing share of heart to your strategy.

Share of heart, and the depth with which consumers personally connect with a brand, is the key driver for both short-term and long-term success.

What you’ll learn

  • How “share of voice,” “share of wallet,” and “share of heart” shape impact the success of advertising,
  • Why emotion, human needs, and identity matter in advertising,
  • How to build share of heart into your digital advertising in 3 steps,
  • How to use digital advertising to build identity,
  • Real-world case studies from brands building share of heart into their advertising, and more!

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