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GenZ Doesn't Need Your Brand: 5 Steps to Win Them Over

New GenZ research reveals most brands are getting it wrong. Download our ebook to learn how to build a brand strategy for the next generation.

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With $29B in buying power and up to $333B in influence, Gen Z remains a huge focus for marketers at Fortune 500s and challenger brands alike.

Considering Gen Z will make up a whopping 40% of consumers by 2020, understanding what this generation wants and needs has never been more urgent. Material’s Gen Z experts have put together the latest insights and steps to build a brand strategy to reach these powerful consumers. This generation is going to change the world. The question is, are they going to do it with or without your brand?

Download our Gen Z eBook to learn:

  • Core Gen Z characteristics and shifts that have influenced their world
  • New Kelton Global research that shows why Gen Z thinks brands are getting it wrong
  • A deep dive into who Gen Z is and what they care about
  • Gen Z influencers your brand should know
  • How to quickly reach Gen Z by enlisting the help of a brand consulting firm

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Material is a modern marketing services company powered by sophisticated analytics, deep human understanding, and design thinking.