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6 Key Elements of Brand Tracking Success

At Material, we’ve built hundreds of brand tracking studies and have found that the most successful tracking programs have six key elements in common.

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This ebook will dive into each element and explain how they come together to deliver reliable insights that offer a comprehensive diagnosis of your brand’s health. These six components are: 

  1. Solid Partnership: Find a team you can trust to deliver reliable insights.
  2. Data Quality: Protect the foundation of any good tracking study.
  3. A Detective's Approach: Solve some of your brand’s most challenging mysteries.
  4. Human Understanding: Get to the root of consumer decision making.
  5. Robust Analytics: Make sense of your tracker’s wealth of data.
  6. Future-Proofing: Design your tracker to prepare for the unknown.

About the Author

Material is a modern marketing services company powered by sophisticated analytics, deep human understanding, and design thinking.