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The Marketing Strategy Summit: Discover Insights and Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Material's Marketing Strategy Summit

Today’s leading companies must embrace a more dynamic and data-driven approach to marketing. That’s because building a successful brand requires translating insights about your audience, category, and culture into strategies that drive growth and brand loyalty. Enter the Marketing Strategy Summit, a weekly webinar series featuring some of the world’s most innovative marketers, brand strategists, and communications professionals — all gathered to answer one question: what does the marketing of the future look like, and how can brands make the leap to get there?

Join series host Amy Balliett, CEO and founder of Killer Visual Strategies, a Material company, for a series of 6 fascinating discussions on the most critical marketing strategy questions of our time with such thought leaders as Chrissy Cowdrey, Alan Magee, and Danielle Sherman. Walk away with the skills and strategies you need to effect real change within your organization — and position your brand at the forefront of your industry.

Sign up for the summit and save your seat for these fascinating sessions. All access is free. We hope to see you on September 14th!

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