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How to Write a Website Redesign RFP

Creating a website redesign RFP may seem like an extra formality, but it's actually a big opportunity to set yourself up for success — here's how to get it right.
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How to Write a Website Redesign RFP

Overhauling a website is not the job of one person or team, which is why brands often work with partner agencies. Reeling in the right partner, however, starts with crafting a whip-smart RFP.

Why it pays to get your website redesign RFP right — and how to do it

Websites are the face of a company. Not only does it market your brand, but if you are tasked with shepherding the redesign of your e-commerce website, the success or failure of the new site could significantly impact your own career.

The process is daunting and opaque, to say the least — after all, what is it that makes a great website? Isn’t design subjective? And what about factoring in user experience (UX), diverse audiences and unaligned stakeholders. Where should you even begin?

Well, the answer is that you should start by crafting a great request for proposal (RFP). Creating a website design RFP may seem like an extra formality, but it’s actually a big opportunity to set yourself up for success.

A thoughtfully written RFP vets candidates and helps to illuminate the best possible partners. Learning to expertly craft an effective website redesign RFP also signals to potential agency partners how you work and what they can expect from the collaboration — all of which lays the foundation for a successful, trust-filled partnership which is ultimately required to get to the end product you want.

Attract the best agencies with your RFP

Agencies are selective, too! Be the client they’re seeking with an RFP that signals why they should be excited about working with you on your unique website redesign project.

What you’ll learn

  • Questions to ask yourself as you prepare your RFP and how to organize your goals for the project,
  • How to manage your expectation (and budget) for a website redesign RFP,
  • Essential elements to include in your RFP,
  • Special considerations for brand strategy, SEO, content, features, functionality, and other areas you will need to work through,
  • How to set your candidates up for success with a clearly communicated response framework, and more!

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