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Material Achieves SOC II, Type 1 Certification

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Material Achieves SOC II, Type 1 Certification

Material is excited to announce that we have successfully completed the SOC II, Type 1 audit developed by the widely-recognized American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

What makes SOC II, Type 1 a key differentiator?

This certification provides a third-party validation of Material’s commitment to data security and protection, meeting AICPA’s rigorous industry benchmarks for managing customer and user data across security, availability, and confidentiality. 

According to Carlos Ibarra, Chief Information Security Officer at Material, the certificate is difficult to attain and is a significant market differentiator:

“Clients are increasingly asking for SOC II,” said Ibarra. “It’s a third-party affirmation of the effectiveness of Material’s systems, processes, and controls, based on a rigorous assessment against an industry framework. It’s a milestone for the maturity of our systems and underscores our dedication to achieving the highest level of security and privacy standards.” 

In addition to demonstrating best-in-class security protocols, an SOC II, Type 1 certificate streamlines the RFP process for potential clients by minimizing the need for lengthy security questionnaires. 

What’s Next? 

“As our systems, processes, and controls continue to mature, we will begin pursuit of a SOC II, Type 2 certification,” said Ibarra. “This will provide our partners and users with the highest possible level of assurance that their data is secure and protected.” 

Material’s SOC II, Type I audit certification is available to clients and prospective clients on demand.

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