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Material included in Forrester’s “Now Tech CX Strategy Report”

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Material included in Forrester’s “Now Tech CX Strategy Report”

Customer experience strategy is at the heart of our brand building work, so we’re thrilled to be included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices, Q1 2022 report.

A Now Tech report highlights the value proposition, vendor segments, and individual vendors operating in a maturing marketplace. Now Techs help Forrester clients become more educated about a market and provides them with a preliminary list of vendors that they might prioritize for ongoing interactions.

The report, which classifies technology players by annual revenue and market functionality, is compiled in part using information from a questionnaire sent to established vendors. Forrester creates a market definition, a market presence graphic, and an overview of segments to help clients choose the best provider for their needs.

Material+ was included in the list of midsize players ($100 million to $600 million in CX revenue).

According to the report, “CX specialists provide tools to manage and govern CX transformations. These highly focused, mostly smaller firms emerged to facilitate CX improvements. These practices support transformation with prioritized roadmaps, employee and partner training, and playbooks that guide executive stakeholders’ hands.”

Material+’s research methodologies are supplemented by proprietary tools and frameworks such as Emotion Circumplex. This framework identifies the types of emotions that brands should strive to create based on the behaviors they want to encourage from customers.

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