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The New Guide To Experiential Marketing

As brands embrace digital transformation, they must think even more creatively about how to forge authentic bonds with their customers.
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The New Guide To Experiential Marketing

Consumer behavior is often in flux, but COVID rapidly accelerated changes in buying behaviors and preferences. In the pre-pandemic era, experiential marketing relied on live experiences to forge authentic bonds between brand and consumer, and brands thought creatively about new and unique ways to promote their products.

It’s probably safe to say that anything that can happen digitally will now happen digitally, in any case.

Of course, your goal remains the same whether in the virtual or real world: instead of telling consumers about your brand, you’re asking them to be part of it. Brands must continue to think imaginatively about different ways they can engage consumers, capture audience attention, and build loyalty.

What does it mean to experience a brand IRL today?

Even before COVID-19, it could be challenging to design a memorable experiential marketing campaign. Now that the pop-up shops and fun live events that used to entice consumers have migrated online, brands must think even more creatively about how to forge an authentic bond with their customers.

When it comes to the experiences you offer (really, how your brand behaves) there are new rules to follow if you want to drive ROI and grow your business for the long-term.

Material has put together some expert tips and strategies to help you design and execute a winning experiential marketing campaign in today’s consumer landscape.

What you’ll learn

  • The new rules brands should follow to create an experience that will drive ROI in an ever-changing and unpredictable world,
  • How experiential marketing continues to be an important tool to connect with consumers,
  • What brand behavior and employee buy-in contributes to the customer experience,
  • How discovery can help you win over consumers and benefit your bottom line, and more!

About the author

Collin Wood
Collin Wood is VP of brand strategy at Material. In his career as a brand strategy leader, Collin has had the opportunity to run a range of bespoke projects, from building out innovation pipelines, to product and brand MVP work, to running research and strategy initiatives that help organizations see themselves and their customers in a new light. He’s worked with organizations such as Plum Organics, Electronic Arts, Optimizely, Pepsi, Plenty, and, to name a small handful.

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