Design Research

Design research practices tangible, human-centered design methodologies to understand people’s current and desired experiences at every moment they intersect with a brand or product.

Design research solves important challenges for companies pursuing an innovation agenda by surfacing critical moments when bonds can be forged or broken: 

  • Identify potential for brand stretch 
  • Surface opportunities to drive incremental and radical innovation through the lens of desirability 
  • Deliver experience principles that empower teams to drive action with conviction 


  Key benefits of design research include: 

  • Future-proofing product and service experiences 
  • De-risking and bringing prioritization to the innovation roadmap  
  • Moving innovation teams from ideation to action 


  • Design Innovation Deep Dives​

  • Experience Journey Mapping

  • Prototype and Product Concept Testing​

  • Participatory Observation​

  • Service Design​

  • UX Testing​

  • Workshop Sprints​

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