Making changes to deliver exceptional patient experiences with Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Global healthcare company Novo Nordisk, whose mission is to provide better treatments for diabetes and other chronic diseases, wanted to create a patient-centric program to motivate and better communicate with employees about changing the narrative around patient care.

We worked with the company to identify key moments in the patient journey to design the ideal customer experience. We used science-backed patient surveys to dig deep and understand perceptions throughout the category, conducting a call center assessment to identify and remove pain points for customers and other stakeholders.

Over 5,000 employees attended education sessions that empowered them to become more patient-centric. Inefficient call center processes were eliminated to improve wait times and employees were able to quickly resolve patient questions and problems. Ultimately, we helped Novo Nordisk stay true to its vital mission and make a material difference in the lives of diabetes patients.

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