Defining a holistic digital experience strategy


Topgolf, a global sports entertainment company, approached Material for help understanding the needs, barriers, and loyalty-drivers of its customer base. TopGolf was eager to dig deep into the role digital and in-person channels should play in shaping digital product strategy, online content, and venue design.

We began with online communities — the ultimate qualitative research system — to communicate with Topgolf playmakers and learn about their barriers and loyalty-drivers. We then conducted 45-minute usability tests to discover how the Topgolf website functioned in the discovery and research phases of the customer journey.

After that, we led in-person exploration sessions with Topgolf guests to understand the in-venue experience, and tested the Topgolf app to understand its role in the customer experience. Overall, our science-backed system allowed us to identify prime opportunities to transform the “playmaker journey” through the company’s venues, website, and app.

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