Fintech Company


Modernizing Financial Services with Microservices & Kubernetes for a FinTech

Our client, a forward-thinking financial technology company, uses state-of-the-art AI solutions to transform the financial services sector. They wanted to decrease manual efforts, errors and risks by automating tedious tasks while fostering innovation and streamlining operations. They were struggling with a legacy app built on Drupal/PHP that needed an architectural overhaul to adapt to a new business focus of automated financial reporting for BFSI customers. They partnered with Material to rapidly launch a new pilot application for one of their potential customers.

  • Using a collaborative approach, focused on designing and executing a scalable platform architecture, laying the foundation for the client’s success in the financial services industry

  • Adopted an agile product engineering approach to ensure swift delivery of the pilot application

  • Strategized and engineered a platform-based architecture to pave the way for scalability, reusability and security

  • Used Kubernetes as the foundational container management solution to develop a multi-tenant, microservices-based architecture to support the client's strategic expansion into the BFSI sector

Our collaborative efforts paid off: we delivered a scalable, multi-tenant application and successfully onboarded the first customer for financial reporting automation within 12 weeks, demonstrating swift market entry. Additionally, we used a scalable platform to onboard dozens of new financial services institutions within one year of launch.

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