Les Schwab

Paving the Road to a Smoother Online Experience


Les Schwab Tire Centers – which is headquartered in Bend, Oregon and operates approximately 500 retail outlets across the United Stateshas earned a stellar reputation for its unparalleled customer service in traditional brick-and-mortar settings. e 

Prior to visiting the stores, customers seek out a top-tier digital platform to peruse products and services, locate their nearest outlet, and schedule appointments seamlessly. However, despite its sterling in-person reputation, the company’s online presence was lacking. Recognizing the importance of aligning their digital experience with their exceptional in-store service, the company enlisted Material’s expertise to pinpoint obstacles and implement effective solutions, thus enhancing the digital journey to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customer bas


Conducted UX/CX assessments to identify key points of friction, as well as customer product and knowledge gaps that hindered a smooth digital experience  

Used learnings to reveal critical points that were negatively impacting appointment booking conversion rates, average order value and credit/financing application conversion rates 

Leveraged insights into a prioritization workshop to co-create a roadmap of the most impactful opportunities 

Designed updated experiences to improve the overall shopping experience, increase conversion rates and generate more growth  


Material unearthed critical customer insights and usability enhancements through meticulous customer research and comprehensive UX/data evaluation. This informed the creation of an actionable product roadmap and a refined UX/UI design. Our distinctive approach, bridging insights, strategy and design, culminated in the development of five innovative design features, elevating the digital experience significantly. Initial testing of two key features anticipated a revenue boost of approximately $5.5 million over the span of 12 months, fostering a seamless digital journey for customers and bolstering conversion rates for the company. 

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