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Looking to create a better kind of world?

If you’re passionate about using your curiosity and skills to champion for all that is human to create a better kind of company for a better kind of world, we’re looking at you. Here you’ll find an ethos of people who want their work to have material impact, and stories of careers filled with immense personal satisfaction. You’ll experience fresh ways of thinking, new expertise, and a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds that help you - and by proxy our clients - think differently about the world around us.


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At Material we champion all that is human

A company filled with listeners, learners, makers and doers that value the lived experiences of all people and turn human insights into transformative experiences. Material’s opportunity culture provides new ways to learn from experts and each other. Opportunity to contribute your ideas and your passions. Opportunity to thrive, and to grow. Because not only are we about growing our business, we’re about supporting the growth of each and every employee.

Employee Spotlight
life @ material

Employee spotlight

Tim Conley

Sr. Specialist, Talent Acquisition

Material’s commitment to fearless inclusions has truly changed my perspective on what I value in a career. Here, you are able to be yourself, unapologetically. From their extensive list of Employee Resource and Interest Groups to their commitment to DE&I, Material has truly fostered an environment that allows each person to shine and build long-lasting relationships.

what we stand for

Our Values

Massive Ambition

Every human is unique. We strive to value and remain mindful of this diversity throughout the process.

Hustle + Heart

We are a company of makers with the ability to adapt to change and find satisfaction in creating something new.

Fearless Inclusion

We value the lived experience of all people, even when it challenges our own perspective.

The Joy of Building

We are a company of makers with the ability to adapt to change and find satisfaction in creating something new.

Radical Collaboration

We multiply our individual talent by tapping into our collective power, creating cross-disciplinary relationships that fuel industry-leading work.

Diversity a Material

Diversity is a fact.
Equity is a choice.
Inclusion is an action.
Belonging is an outcome.

"At Material, I’ve been able to grow and develop at an accelerated pace. I’ve been surrounded by mentors that have my best interest in mind, and they’ve challenged me to grow and step out of my comfort zone."

Learn about how we created more equitable experiences for Sephora.

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