We thrive where customer centricity meets business evolution.

How do you deliver truly customer-centric experiences? Material solves for the most pressing business challenge of the coming decade through the fluid integration of customer understanding with design and technology expertise that can respond ever-faster to evolving customer needs. We leverage a science-based engine for understanding people to create transformational customer relationships for our clients.

How we got here

We’ve been developing science-based tools for customer understanding for over 40 years - and have spent the past decade constructing the design and technology capabilities that allows us to learn + make in unison. That’s our special sauce - using a science based understanding of what customers need to make experiences they can’t live without.

10 Steps to Transformational Customer Journey Mapping
10 Steps to Transformational Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer’s Will of Rights

We believe that in a customer-led world, it’s critical to start with their view.

See me. Know me. Really know me.
Bring your sharpest game because I’m a moving target.
A shopper AND a voter AND a maker. An NPR fan and a South Park student.
A driver AND a guest AND a dog food subscriber. AND AND AND.

We’re way past the era where you try to convince me that I want to buy what you sell.

Today the way to create value I care about
is to care about what I value.

And then create that.

Because, in the times we live in, isn’t your relevance actually decided from where I sit?

Stay close to me and my truths, and the possibilities Can. Be. Endless.
To get there, I need you to be in step, in touch, in perpetual learning about what matters to me right now. And now.

And now.

Stay curious and nimble because my favor refreshes as quick as my TikTok For You page. And every great experience I have with another brand in any part of my life just raised the bar for yours.

Design extraordinary experiences that compel me to bring you into my how-did-i-ever-live-without-this list. Because to be an actor in my world, I’ve got to be more than a transactor in yours.

It’s the Material difference that gets me.

Our leadership team

Bill Kanarick

Chief Executive Officer

Anil Arora

Anil Arora

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Kamra

Chief People Officer

Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy

Chief Marketing Officer

Rajdeep Endow

Rajdeep Endow

Chief Transformation Officer

Laurie MacLaren

Laurie MacLaren

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Braun

Susan Braun

Chief of Staff

Daniel Knauf

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Sack

Jeremy Sack

President of Insights, Data, and Science

Saurabh Das, Chief Delivery Officer at Material

Saurabh Das

Chief Delivery Officer

Dave Sackman

Dave Sackman

Executive Chairman

Scott Sorokin

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Kelly Ann Bauer

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Our office locations

Keizersgracht 620-IV ER
Amsterdam, 1017

675 Ponce de Leon Ave, NE

Atlanta, GA 30308

823 Congress Ave, STE 300

Austin, Texas 78701

200 South Wacker Dr, STE 1600

Chicago, IL 60606

TWR 3, FL 12, DLF Cyber Greens

Gurugram, Haryana 122002 India

401 Alice St
Oakland, CA 94607

1900 Avenue of the Stars, FL 16
Los Angeles, CA 90067

14-18 Old St
London, EC1V9BH

432 Park Ave, South FL 3
New York, NY 10016

230 S Broad St, FL 17

Philadelphia, PA 19102

2033 Sixth Ave

Seattle, WA 98109

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