At Material, we leverage science and systems to shape customer experiences that turn transactional moments into transformational relationships.

Strategy & Insights

Shaped to deliver key business outcomes, our approach blends data science – the synthesis of signals buried in complex data sets – and behavioral science – how emotions, identity, context, culture and rapidly changing technology influence human behavior.

Insights Driven Strategy Services

Our flagship strategy consulting offering leverages extensive research, behavioral science and analytics capabilities to illuminate and predict what people really want and will do. We integrate mission-critical insights into broader strategic decision-making to unify diverse groups of client stakeholders around where to play and how to win.

Behavioral Science Consulting

People are complicated. There are layers to their layers. We study the drivers of human behavior and apply decision science to develop frameworks for solving real-world problems with deep human understanding.

Market & Customer Insights

The combination of methodological expertise with deep human understanding delivers vivid market understanding and actionable customer insight. Our clients gain a competitive advantage by solving faster with insights we can put to work.

Online Anthropology

Deep listening, online reviews analysis and trend identification, deliver profound and contextually rich insight into motivations, influences and blind spots. We find powerful insights into the why's and actionable opportunities on where to go next, from the signals that emerge from vast troves of social data.

Audience Analytics

Third-party data integration, behavioral illumination, look-a-like modeling and targeting prioritization shape insights into opportunities to build audience, grow share and enter new markets.

Cultural Foresight

To identify and design for where culture is going, we use semiotics, ethnography and social analytics to create rich context for innovation and a powerful vision for sustaining relevance.

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We combine deep human insights and technology to design customer-centric business models, products, services and experiences that strengthen our client’s competitive advantage.

Brand Design Services

Identifying white space, defining vision and creating scalable brand platforms, we create, modernize and systemically enable brands with cultural relevance and powerful human connection.

Experience Design

Leveraging human and user insight, design research and UX design, we address immediate challenges and reimagine future solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers.

Product Design Services

We develop, design and launch products that express brand value and purpose, crafting extraordinary, high-performance digital and physical products that enrich people's lives.

Behavioral Analytics

Understanding where people are, what they are actually doing, and their contextual influences, informs rich personas and viable design solutions shaped by journeys and personalization insights.

Product Analytics

We significantly diminish risk and amplify opportunity for new product market introductions by leveraging analytics to optimize pricing and portfolio, prioritize features and promote habit formation.

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We leverage advanced technologies to create immersive products, services and experiences that drive efficiency, enhanced experience and upleveled engagement, all while reducing risk.

Digital Products

Crafted digital experiences enable seamless customer journeys. Ours thrive at the intersection of design innovation and enabling technology and drive tangible value for both users and brands.

Digital Experience Platforms

Consistent and connected customer journeys rely on platforms that enhance experiences across channels and touchpoints. We build, manage, deliver and evolve platforms that underpin the connectivity of customer touchpoints with the brands that serve them.

Cloud Engineering Services

Bringing applications to market faster while reducing risk and creating opportunities for digital innovation through modernization, automation, microservices, and APIs.

Data Engineering & Modernization

We break down data silos across the enterprise to derive intelligence that drives insights and action.

SRE Services

Creating cloud environments that are not only based on modern technology solutions, but the reliability and financial management of your cloud adoption.

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Marketing Services

We unlock the value in the optimal relationship between data and design to engage people with personalized content and experiences, winning new customers and promoting long-term loyalty.

Customer Experience Strategy Consulting

From the first touch to the last mile, we envision and enable the delivery of the optimal customer experience, engaging all levels of the organization.

Loyalty & CRM

A modern and integrated view of brand loyalty leverages data, technology platforms and design to forge transformative relationships that anticipate customer needs.

Media & GTM

Linking brand management, digital marketing, and content with our channel expertise, we deliver seamless go-to-market programs designed for performance.

Customer, Media & Digital Analytics

Our robust toolkit of analytics capabilities is designed to optimize engagement, perfect experiences and drive the performance of go-to-market programs.

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Tracking & Analytics

Deploying systems of learning, we continuously track and optimize performance to accelerate growth and drive critical improvements, deepening bonds with customers, employees and partners.

Brand Health Tracking Services

Track brand health with build-in systems of learning and action using a combination of market-validated, predictive and innovative measurements.

Customer Experience Tracking (CX)

Enable continuous learning and improvement on the journey to transformative customer relationships by tracking performance on key customer touchpoints in real time.

Data Science & Analytics

Integrating multisource data, our tracking and experience studies are enriched through robust analytics to deliver cohesive signals that pinpoiont actionable opportunities across a range of business imperatives.

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