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How to Drive Post-Pandemic Growth: 6 Strategies Your Brand Needs Now

Discover how to execute sustainable post-pandemic success with Material's collage of expert-informed strategies for brand growth.
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How to Drive Post-Pandemic Growth: 6 Strategies Your Brand Needs Now

Our culture is at a crossroads. While we’ve made it through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t quite arrived at whatever comes next.

Even as the phrase “the new normal” has become a cliché, we find ourselves asking what “normal” will really look like to customers and brands in a post-pandemic world.

What should be the number one focus area for brands right now? What foundational consumer shifts have occurred in response to the events of the last year? What are people really looking for? We wanted answers — so we asked the experts. 

Brand and business strategies for the future

To better picture what lies ahead (and what it will demand of brands striving to grow), we consulted some of the smartest thinkers we know — both from our team and from our networks. In the video below, hear their collage of perspectives: a collective of strategists, a sociologist, a youth culture expert, and an executive coach.

When you’re finished watching, learn how to turn our team’s advice into true impact for your brand with our free guide covering 6 expert growth strategies for your business. Whether your focus is marketing, research, CX, or innovation, these insights will help you design and execute sustainable post-pandemic success. 

What you’ll learn

  • Strategic growth recommendations catered to a variety of focus areas (marketing, insights, experience, or innovation),
  • Tips and strategies to help you identify and capitalize on areas of opportunity presented by this peculiar cultural movement,
  • 6 specific growth strategies spanning digital transformation and customer experience innovation,
  • Concrete actions for getting your brand’s growth strategy on course for the future, and more!

About the author

Material is a leading global consumer intelligence and customer experience consultancy. Partnering with business leaders, we help tackle their most significant customer challenges to help them differentiate in the marketplace, build smarter, more connected experiences, and maximize value delivered to customers and society. Our unique customer intelligence engine is powered by analytics and behavioral science, fuels world-class design and enables the delivery of products and services to bring digital transformation to life.

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