How to Write A Great RFP

No matter what kind of RFP you're writing, our template is designed to save you time and help you evaluate and choose the best partner.

How to Write A Great RFP


Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) is no easy task. With no standard template and heaps of information to consider, the process can feel daunting and confusing.

Challenges withstanding, it’s important to get it right; after all, the quality of your RFP has a direct impact on the quality of your project’s outcome — for better or worse.

Master the RFP process 

Writing an RFP doesn’t need to be a hassle, if you know what to include. Luckily, Material has unlocked the secrets for mastering the process.

After decades of reviewing thousands of RFPs from the world’s biggest and most beloved brands, we’ve documented the ideal formats, content, and information pieces that elicit solid proposals and ensure clear communication.

What you’ll learn

  • Insights into what elements and qualities make an RFP successful,
  • A detailed checklist of what to include in your RFP,
  • An RFP template to help guide you as you create your own,
  • Prompts designed to help you make “apples to apples” comparisons of potential partners,
  • Insights to save you time and help you select the right partner/project design for your needs (whether you need insights, analytics, brand marketing, product design, growth strategy, loyalty & CRM, and more!)

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