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Unlocking the Potential of Franchise Mythology: A Framework for Brand Growth

Create an authentic connection with fans that deepens over time using Material's franchise opportunity framework.
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Unlocking the Potential of Franchise Mythology: A Framework for Brand Growth

A singular property can deliver a complete, end-to-end experience, but a franchise promises more: multiple narratives and experiences leading to the creation of a brand universe — and we’re not only talking about superheroes and space operas.

Franchises can actively nurture the multidimensionality of all kinds of fandom, offering pathways for engagement that support community, identity, and enrichment.

From entertainment to media to consumer goods, it’s possible to leverage the potential of franchise mythology across numerous categories.

Amplify the power of your franchise

In recent years, Material has partnered with major movie studios, video game developers, publishers, professional sports teams, global toy companies, and more to surface authentic opportunities to further the fan experience and drive brand growth.

Through this extensive portfolio of work, we’ve put together a framework and multi-phase approach to delivering success and brand growth as a franchise.

Leveraging the franchise opportunity framework

At Material, we conduct research that leads to action. The best opportunities don’t come from simply extending an existing property — they come from forging deep connections with fans at the intersection of the world they know and a world of new possibilities.

By keeping fans — superfans, casual, lapsed, and potential — at the center of everything you do, you can surface authentic opportunities that further their experience while remaining true to the source.

Create an authentic connection with fans that deepens over time

Discover what it takes to translate deep human and cultural understanding into strategies that nurture current fans and capture new ones.

What you’ll learn

  • The 4 phases of the framework with steps for achieving each phase,
  • Questions to ask as you prepare to apply the framework,
  • Best practices for exploring the cultural conversation around your brand and franchise, and how to contextualize those for your category and future growth,
  • How to create a global fan sizing survey with key components to include,
  • How to develop territories and digital communities,
  • Best practices for synthesizing actionable insights, and more!

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