Brand Equity & Positioning Research

Understand what sets your brand apart from competitors in the minds of consumers in context of what drives purchase or preference. Identify white space you may be able to own.

To grow sales, you need more than just a great product and strong distribution.  You need consumers to know about you and believe that you meet their functional or emotional needs better than similarly priced competitors do.

We rely on a mix of qualitative, quantitative and observational research methods to keep an eye on your competitors and what consumers think and say about them and you.

Brand Equity & Positioning Research lets you:

  • Identify where in the funnel to focus your marketing investments
  • Understand your competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Uncover the best opportunities for extending into new categories or equities
  • Decide whether to introduce a new product under your existing brand name or launch a new one


  • Funnel Analysis

    While modern purchase journeys are not linear, it is helpful to know whether your challenge is building awareness, salience, familiarity, trial or loyalty so marketing can focus on the right goal.

  • Brand Architecture

    Identify the minimum number and type of brands you need to serve the market and its varied audiences.

  • Brand Extendibility

    Understand how equities flow between your master brand and its sub-brands and assess which perceptions give you permission to expand into what new categories that may not be an obvious fit.

  • Brand Positioning Surveys

    Identify what perceptions set your brand apart from competitors among a representative sample of consumers. Determine how important, differentiating, and defensible each brand’s strengths are and identify white space you might capture.

  • Relevant Clarity

    Identify which important perceptions your brand (and competitors) uniquely own so you can play to your strengths; see if there is worthwhile white space you could easily capture in the minds of consumers.

  • Online Anthropology

    Deeply analyze organic online conversations about you and your competitors to not just measure buzz but to understand what more engaged consumers think your strengths, weaknesses and use cases are.

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  • Brand Navigator

    Harness thousands of always-on brand and competitor data points to gain real-time visibility into how brands are performing and positioned across paid, earned and owned channels.

  • Brand Health Tracking

    Monitor the health and equities of your brand and its competitors to assess the effectiveness of your marketing and spot emerging threats.

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