Post-Interaction Surveys

Contact customers shortly after they interact with your service or a key touchpoint to understand how well you’re doing and where you’re falling short; intervene with at-risk customers and fuel continuous improvement at a systems scale.

Customer satisfaction is impacted by the sum of all the interactions they have with you, but diagnosing why an interaction could have been better requires immediate input while recall is fresh.   

By automating contact to some portion of your customers shortly after any key touchpoint is encountered allows you to get diagnostic feedback real-time throughout the year at an actionable level of your geographic or organizational structure. 

Post-Interaction Surveys allow you to: 

  • Identify specific elements of a touchpoint that need improvement 
  • Determine which of your service centers or locations are best in class and which are struggling 
  • Quantify specific delivery benchmarks that need to be met to achieve consistent satisfaction 


  • Quantitative Surveys (event level)

    Launch a highly efficient and timely survey when customers engage in detectable interactions so you can determine how well you did and reach out if you dropped the ball badly.

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