Crown Relocations


Ensuring Smooth Moves with an Intuitive Employee Portal

Crown Relocations works with organizations of all kinds to help smoothly relocate their employees around the globe. Making a big move can be an exciting but stressful experience, so global organizations rely on Crown Relocations to reduce common logistical hassles faced by their employees during the relocation process. When one of Crown’s top clients requested upgrades to the employee portal – which enables users to complete tasks such as submitting identity documents and completing immigration forms – Crown knew it needed to act fast. It approached Srijan, a Material company, to help build new elements for its Drupal-powered employee portal, including a simplified interface and real-time relocation status updates for the client’s staff and their families.
  • Implemented a dynamic tracking timeline built with Drupal and React

  • Improved end users’ ability to track spending, claims and reimbursements

  • Enabled end-users to link to multiple bank accounts through the portals

  • Created checklists for passports, visas, offer letters, pet vaccinations and others key requirements and documents

  • Provided country-specific information about shipping, immigration and language training

Crown’s enhanced portal – now available to all its clients – has made it much easier for employees of global companies to upload and access documents, manage financial transactions and share access to accounts. Dynamic timelines mean individuals and their families can view the real-time status of key aspects and next steps of the relocation process. The new portal also logs conversations between HR and employees for easy reference. Crowns’ clients have seen end user engagement boosted by 3.5x. 


Moving is invariably stressful, but we’re proud to have enabled Crown to make the process smoother for its global clients and their employees. 

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