Leading Management Consulting Firm


Streamlining Data Architecture and Standardizing Deployment Practices for a Leading Management Consulting Firm

Our client, a leading management consulting firm specializing in data analytics solutions, struggled to maintain a steady pace of development, resulting in delays and inconsistencies in releasing new features and updates. They also faced the complexity of constantly updating and syncing the codebase across different client setups as client needs and product features evolved, increasing the risk of errors. Finally, the lengthy processing time of large data batches exacerbated project delays.
  • Adopted Databricks as their main platform to enhance data processing capabilities and enable quick and efficient data handling

  • Standardized deployment across all the firm’s clients, simplifying access to new features without complex integration

  • Implemented a hub-and-spoke data exchange model to manage large data transfers, leading to significant processing time reductions

  • Provided a unified view of the data product, ensuring consistency across microservices and clients

By implementing streamlined frameworks and leveraging Databricks standardized processes, we enhanced development and maintenance efficiency. Our solution significantly accelerated data processing, reducing times from 8-10 hours to just 10 minutes—a 54X improvement in speed. Additionally, it substantially reduced onboarding time for new clients, enhancing client satisfaction and service effectiveness.

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