Aruliden, A Material Company, Awarded Five Red Dot 2023 Awards for Innovative Design with Verizon



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  • Red Dot Design Award recognizes Aruliden’s high design quality aesthetic on five different Verizon hardware products

    LOS ANGELES – June 22, 2023 –  Aruliden, the design studio within Material, a global strategy and customer experience transformation consultancy, is pleased to announce it has received five prestigious Red Dot Awards for product design with Verizon. Aruliden’s design work awarded recognition are the Verizon Stream TV Soundbar with Bang & Olufsen Audio, Verizon GizmoWatch 3, Verizon GizmoWatch Disney EditionVerizon Receiver, and the Verizon Connectivity Suite.

    The Red Dot Design Award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world, with roughly 20,000 entries per year from 60 countries, and recognizes high design quality in 51 different categories. Award recipients are chosen by an international jury made up of 43 design experts from over 20 nations who score and award products based on the tenets of “good design and innovation.”

    “Receiving just one Red Dot Award is a great honor, so to receive five awards on behalf of the great work we’re doing with Verizon feels like a celebration and recognition of the craft and skill we harness every day to deliver the best design work possible for our clients,” said Liesje Hodgson, senior vice president of strategy and innovation for Material.

    “We are thrilled to see our talented design studio recognized by its peers and community for its innovative approach and exceptional aesthetic,” added Bill Kanarick, CEO of Material. “Design plays a critical role in customer experience, and it’s great to see our strong partnership with Verizon delivering award-winning work.”

    “Meaningful innovation is the direct result of listening to our customers to deeply understand their wants and needs,” said Nathaniel Drapiza, Director of Experience Design, Verizon Home & Mobile Products. “The team set out to create something memorable, experiences that would resonate with our customers. I’m happy for our partners and the team to be recognized and receive these awards, but I’m even more excited to get these products into our customers’ homes.”

    “The creative process can be tough. To deliver desirable and intuitive solutions with great performance and customer experiences at scale, across multiple suppliers with numerous constraints takes strong collaboration. It’s great to see recognition for the positive results and momentum we’ve built in partnership with Aruliden to view hardware as a key element of the Verizon brand,” said Andy Toth, Principal Experience Designer, Verizon Industrial Design.

    The design approach for the award-winning work used a cohesive expression across all of the brand’s hardware, highlighting the interconnected nature of Verizon’s groundbreaking technology and products. To accomplish this, Material’s design agency created a flexible system of elemental forms and graphic details, resulting in a set of products that were intuitive to use, and optimistic in color and finish, while exuding Verizon’s quiet confidence and reliability.

    Aruliden, A Material Company, Awarded Five Red Dot 2023 Awards for Innovative Design with Verizon

    Verizon Stream TV Soundbar with Bang & Olufsen Audio

    Verizon’s first Stream TV Soundbar, designed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen, sets a new standard for home streaming. The iconic half cylinder design, built upon the Verizon Element Design Language System, is a modern distinction from the standard landscape. Premium details such as oversized rubber feet, aluminum buttons, tonal speaker fabric and a matte black body elevate the device as a statement piece.

    Aruliden, A Material Company, Awarded Five Red Dot 2023 Awards for Innovative Design with Verizon

    Verizon GizmoWatch 3

    The GizmoWatch 3 is the next step in connectivity for kids, designed to empower them to stay in touch while on the go. The featured smart device offers a full color touch display, front-facing camera with integrated LTE and GPS, allowing parents and children to stay in touch wherever they go through seamless messaging, audio, and video calling. The design of the GizmoWatch 3 is playful in appearance with a touch of maturity, pairing youthful design with an innovative digital experience to offer kids a safe and engaging introduction to personal technology.

    Aruliden, A Material Company, Awarded Five Red Dot 2023 Awards for Innovative Design with Verizon

    Verizon GizmoWatch Disney Edition

    The GizmoWatch Disney Edition is designed to enable children with freedom and flexibility, while offering peace of mind to parents. With a full color touch display, front-facing camera and integrated cellular antennas, the featured smart device allows parents and children to stay in touch through seamless messaging, audio, and video calling. The device experience is further enriched with animated Disney characters on screen, complimented by unique graphic watch bands that expand the visual world of each Disney character.

    Aruliden, A Material Company, Awarded Five Red Dot 2023 Awards for Innovative Design with Verizon

    Verizon 5G Receiver

    The Verizon Receiver connects to Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, delivering ultrafast broadband internet to any home on the network. The sophisticated, minimal design is part of a versatile yet intuitive system, which can be installed both indoor and outdoor to meet customer needs. This is achieved through a variety of design innovations, including a self-orienting 5G antenna, reversible cover, and discrete mounting brackets that share a common UX.

    Aruliden, A Material Company, Awarded Five Red Dot 2023 Awards for Innovative Design with Verizon

    Verizon Connectivity Suite</h3

    Verizon 5G is the invisible connective tissue that enables our digital lives. The Verizon Connectivity Suite, including the 5G Internet Gateway, the Internet Gateway, the Verizon Router, and Mini Extender, are icons of the modern home, designed to sit out in the open with quiet confidence and a tasteful aesthetic. This experience of the Verizon Connectivity Suite seamlessly integrates the physical and digital worlds through a concise and consistent user experience across all devices, helping Verizon’s advanced technology feel approachable and intuitive. Each device is able to meet its unique technical and experience requirements while maintaining a cohesive family aesthetic.

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