A Brand’s Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology



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Understanding how consumer psychology impacts the behavior of key customer segments allows brands to shape a better future for stakeholders.

From a behavioral science lens, one of the most remarkable aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is the degree to which people across the globe participated in a shared experience.

Though much about the pandemic has been unpredictable, our behavioral response was not. The ways that humans respond and adapt to immediate and long term threats is well documented by decades of psychology research.

By understanding how emotions, motivations, and less-conscious aspects of psychology impact behavior of key customer segments, brands can shape a better future for all of their stakeholders.

Consumer psychology can help brands shape a better future

As we create communications, products, and experiences that resonate with changed consumers, we should focus on fundamental needs that have been suppressed and underserved during the stressful episode of the pandemic, as these have the greatest potential to stick around.

Discover where to start on your search for understanding your consumers’ psychology and how your brand can better serve your customers unique need states, through 2021 and beyond.

What you’ll learn

  • The psychology of stress and coping,
  • An introduction to the 4 fundamental BASE human needs,
  • How to adapt your brand and business by serving each BASE need,
  • How to uncover unmet psychological needs and white space opportunities,
  • The importance and methodology of monitoring shifts in consumer psychology, and more!