Acquia Surges in DXP Market with Innovation, Flexibility and Composable Solutions


By Dan Persson, VP, Technology
The release of this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) highlights the ongoing evolution of the DXP category. While industry leaders Adobe, Optimizely and Acquia continue to be recognized at the head of the pack, other longtime providers have slipped in the rankings. The dynamic described by the Gartner rankings has been evident to Material as we work with our clients. Organizations are moving away from historical players in the space and are choosing to adopt Acquia’s DXP solutions for their business needs.
In a time of intense competition and technological disruption throughout the digital landscape, Acquia has charted a path to growth through its fundamental commitment to incremental, open-source innovations, flexibility and composable solutions.

Easy Upgrades and Incremental Enhancements

Central to Acquia’s strategy and success is its strong foundation in the open-source community, which has informed its approach to product development and customer support. Unlike platforms that require significant restructures that pose challenges in upgrade paths, Acquia has focused on ensuring that its upgrade processes are seamless, automatic and incremental, minimizing disruptions for customers. Contrast this approach with that of Sitecore, a perennial industry leader that has slipped in this year’s rankings. With transformative product changes in recent years — including a complete reinvention of its solution with XM Cloud — longtime Sitecore customers have had to bear the cost of significant changes to their implementations to align with the shifting way the product works.
Fueled by an active open-source community, Acquia’s system upgrades are not large, standalone projects to be tackled every few years, but incremental enhancements that are applied automatically as organizations release continuous improvements. This approach empowers businesses to spend their time enhancing the experience for their customers, not adjusting to an ever-changing product.


Flexibility in Site Building

For modern marketers and businesses driven by customer centricity, flexibility is paramount. One of Acquia’s key advantages is the flexibility it offers organizations and web development teams. Acquia CMS, for example, offers a hybrid model that supports both traditional and headless architectures, enabling teams to choose the best fit for their specific needs and striking a balance between developer-driven and marketer-friendly site development. Compared with platforms like Contentful or Contentstack that have emerged as a headless-only model, Acquia’s versatility ensures that marketing teams retain the agility they need to build and execute their strategies at the speed of business, without being overly reliant on web developers.
In other words, with Acquia’s flexible solutions, the tool can support the use case, rather than dictate the approach.


Composable DXP Solutions

Among the most notable trends in the DXP landscape is the prioritization of solutions that are not only powerful, but also deeply adaptable. While every DXP outlined in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant provides a solution that includes features like content management, digital asset management and a customer data platform, many organizations will see lower total cost of ownership and potentially better alignment to business needs when deploying a “composable” DXP.  In the composable model, products from multiple vendors are integrated to provide the full solution suite, allowing organizations the adaptability to choose individual components that best serve their unique needs.





Acquia’s commitment to being the “Open DXP” means that they not only allow for these types of integrations but actively encourage them through the Acquia Exchange, a repository for integrations with other systems. Other leaders in Gartner’s evaluation, like Adobe, provide a well-integrated suite of products to deliver on the DXP vision, but attempts to integrate other solutions in a composable approach can be either costly or lower the combined value. Acquia’s open model enables true adaptability and interoperability.



Its ongoing ascendance in Gartner’s rankings – and increasing popularity with organizations around the globe – reflects Acquia’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of modern, customer-centric businesses. By prioritizing flexibility, incremental evolution and truly composable solutions, Acquia sets itself apart from others in the DXP space. For businesses navigating the evolving digital transformation landscape, these qualities are immensely valuable in a DXP partner.


At Material, we have decades of experience helping leading companies and innovative brands create differentiated digital experiences that strengthen their customer relationships. As an Acquia partner, we leverage its industry-leading tools to create digital solutions tailored to individual business needs and goals. To learn more about how we can help your business optimize its DXP strategy, reach out for an expert consultation.