Embodied Branding – Your Untapped Brand Development Strategy



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Embodied Branding occurs when branded materiality reflects consumer aspirations. Find out what it can do for your brand development strategy.

Ralph Lauren famously said, “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” This mindset is at the core of the emerging “Embodied Branding” space in which branded materiality reflects consumer aspirations.

Empowering Consumers, Empowering Brands

Consumers are performers. They are actors in their own lives constructing a narrative in which dreams and biographies commingle in the appearances and personas they present. That self-presentation changes perceptions and realities alike, demonstrating socio-economic status, subculture affiliation, and personal ambitions — much of which is mediated through curated consumer and brand alliances.

In allowing consumers to literally embody their brands, companies create a powerful alliance where the separation between self and brand disappears. In other words, our identities are branded: consumers play with how they want to be defined and who they want to become through both strategic and subconscious self-presentation, artfully intertwined with brand positioning.

Why Your Brand Development Strategy Needs Embodied Branding

By empowering consumers to “play dress up” with their brands and holistically engage in a full-sensory experience, brands offer consumers an opportunity to reconfigure their social capital and (re)tell their own stories in tandem with their selected brand partners.

Just as style is about more than the runway, Embodied Branding allows companies to do more to support consumer storytelling and enhance brand perception. Unlock the secret to Embodied Branding with Material’s brand development strategy guide.

What you’ll learn

  • How to deliver multi-sensory branded experiences that resonate,
  • The power of shared memory,
  • When and how to make scarcity an asset to your brand development strategy,
  • How brands can take a stand for social and environmental good,
  • Success stories from companies embracing Embodied Branding, and more!