How to Build Fandom for Your Brand



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Every fan is a loyal customer, but not every loyal customer is a fan.

What is fandom — and why does it matter?

From global entertainment franchises to niche boutiques, some brands’ consumers are more than just customers — they are fans. For fans, it’s often the deepest emotional needs that ultimately drive their engagement.

In recent years, we’ve helped global consumer brands accelerate growth by nurturing their fans. Along the way, we’ve uncovered insights that apply to all brands.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why understanding identity is critical to cultivating fandom,
  • How to examine engagement touchpoints to evaluate areas of opportunity,
  • The role that community plays in sustaining and growing fandom around your brand, and how much it should shape that experience,
  • The ways strategic insights and marketing strategy can help increase fandom for your brand, and more