Moments of Receptivity: How To Fuse Behavioral Science With Your Media Strategy To Maximize Impact



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Technology has changed the marketing game, the players, and the rules. Find out how to achieve synergy with your media strategy.

The digital maturation of society is forcing marketers to expand activations, sharpen their tactics and transform their brands to keep pace with their consumers and competitors. Reaching a target audience requires more from marketers — more data, more insights, more flexibility, and more capabilities — than ever before. And there is no alternative — the rules of the game have changed for good.

At Material, we believe that brands across all marketplaces are experiencing a swift and complex convergence of Technology, Insights, Marketing, Analytics, and Data, which we refer to as the TIMAD functions. Organizations missing or neglecting any one of these functions will be sidelined in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

The mantra of modern advertising no longer applies

The TIMAD functions are redefining the age-old mantra of “right person, right message, right time.” Technology specifically has made this once theoretical state of marketing more attainable in recent decades, but most businesses have found this level of personalization economically challenging and difficult to execute given growing data privacy concerns.

This outdated saying ignores some very important context: the ways people experience advertising depend on the context in which they’re received. Whether relaxed or stressed, multi-tasking or binge-watching, the attention people pay varies based on their mindset.

The behavioral science team at Material has shown that these moments differ, and that there are certain mindset that are more open to media effectiveness, both at the top and the bottom of the purchasing funnel.

Why receptive moments matter

The most successful brands are embracing the new dynamic for TIMAD, breaking down silos and shifting towards cross-disciplinary expertise and cross-functional insights that empower entire organizations to win customers and win over competitors.

The reality is that an ‘always-on’ advertising strategy doesn’t mean your audience is always receptive.

Brands that learn to identify and take advantage of special moments of receptivity will be well-positioned in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Achieve synergy in your media strategy

Trade out your fantasy of the “always-on” media strategy with a flexible digital approach that works.

What you’ll learn

  • How to avoid the pitfalls of a 1:1 marketing plan,
  • Ways to unify data streams across consumer intelligence, content consumption, and media habits,
  • A holistic and actionable view of the evolving digital consumer,
  • How to evaluate the human element in media receptivity and appropriately incorporate it into traditional segmentation research,
  • The four layers of understanding,
  • A framework for identifying and reaching consumers in the moments that matter, and more!