OODA Loops: The Framework You’ve Never Heard of (but Need to Know)



In a fast-paced, data-driven business landscape, brands must be able to quickly analyze information and act decisively to stay competitive. The faster the decision-making process, the greater the competitive advantage. In this video, we introduce the OODA loop framework, a decision-making model that focuses on the ability to observe, orient, decide, and act faster than competitors.

Featuring Grant McDougall, co-founder and CEO of BlueOcean, Scott Sorokin, Chief Strategy & Growth officer at Material, and Marcelo Bussacarini, Cisco’s data-driven brand strategist, the three presenters discuss how to turn data into opportunities and how the OODA loop is a powerful catalyst for transformation.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to orient your brand and organization to act on insights, make rapid decisions and take action faster than the competition.
  • Practical strategies and tools to help accelerate your organization’s OODA loops to keep pace with the speed of decision intelligence.
  • Real-world examples show how brands like Netflix, McDonald’s, and Cisco synthesize data and rapidly capitalize on opportunities.

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Meet the Presenters

Scott Sorokin

Scott Sorokin: Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Material

Scott Sorokin is an accomplished industry leader who serves as the Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Material. He leverages his extensive experience in CXO level planning, creative design, and media to help brands navigate the complex digital landscape of mobile, social, search, and data.

Scott is an adept problem solver and a skilled relationship builder with a successful track record of leading global teams of all levels. Throughout his career, he has worked at the intersection of data, digital experience, technology strategy, and marketing. He has collaborated with senior-level executives at Fortune 100 companies and has provided strategic and actionable guidance for integrated solutions across the entire marketing and media ecosystem.


Marcelo Bussacarini: Data-Driven Brand Strategist, Cisco

With a strong business and brand strategy foundation. Marcelo Bussacarini offers valuable insights and experience Amidst the shifting MarTech landscape. His career is distinguished by his capability to seamlessly integrate technology, AI, and data analytics, formulating visionary strategies that give brands a competitive edge. A standout aspect of Marcelo’s approach is his adeptness at employing competitive analyses to pinpoint optimal brand and campaign positioning.

Marcelo’s most significant late contribution has spearheaded the global brand strategy for the industry stalwart Cisco Security. His diverse marketing and business development roles provide him with a panoramic view of the challenges and prospects within today’s dynamic MarTech sphere.

As Marcelo imparts his knowledge today, participants are set to grasp the intricate interplay between technology and marketing strategy, uncovering cutting-edge practices and the trajectory of future innovations.

Grant McDougal

Grant McDougall: Co-founder and CEO, BlueOcean

Grant has more than 25 years of experience leading the development of digital products for brands like Toyota, Samsung, Apple, Visa, IBM, NerdWallet and AT&T. He founded BlueOcean with industry knowledge that allowed him to gain an inimitable understanding into the AI-driven marketing landscape. As a former agency insider, Grant is leading the charge to provide real-time, actionable brand insights to drive and sustain growth.