The Future of Customer Centric Marketing



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New insights and opportunities to create better brand experiences and drive transformational growth.

Becoming truly customer centric is the key to success.

It sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In every interaction, marketers must deeply understand what customers want and how they feel — rationally and emotionally. They must use their discoveries to build brands and experiences that authentically engage their audiences. And to know if they’re making a difference, they must have tools that measure and track success. These are the requirements to exist in a customer-centric environment — scientific, systematic approaches that earn loyalty and drive transformational growth. Are marketers ready to meet this challenge? Are you?

We surveyed over 300 marketing professionals to shed light on the new pressures they’re facing to learn if they’re ready to tackle them head-on.

Our findings reveal that marketers may not yet have the necessary skills or support to explore like researchers, think like designers, and connect meaningfully with customers in an increasingly digital world. They struggle to get it all done consistently and effectively, particularly as customer demands change and intensify.

Within these gaps, however, lies your opportunity. Those who step outside their comfort zones, initiate new conversations, and strive to create elevated experiences can get ahead of the competition. It’s our goal that this report will help.

What You’ll Learn

  • New insights into where your marketing peers are spending their time and energy, where they’re struggling — and where you can get ahead
  • Tips for broadening your skillset to include the new essentials for a customer-centric future, including research, brand and experience design, and deeply authentic communication
  • Strategies for turning transactional moments into transformational relationships