“How TikTok Redefined The Customer Journey” Webinar Recording



The traditional marketing funnel is growing outdated and irrelevant in today’s constantly-evolving world. Digital commerce has made it so today’s consumers rarely go from top to bottom of the traditional funnel to make a purchase. They often enter, exit, and re-enter at different stages of the purchase journey based on their needs and wants, making it so brands have to adapt how they’re reaching consumers.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How tapping into the emotion of joy through Community, Creativity, and Discovery drove remarkable growth for TikTok and the brands that advertise on the platform
  • The modern, redefined customer journey that has emerged on TikTok
  • How creators have become the secret sauce to finding success on the platform
  • Best practices for how brands can engage creators and TikTok communities to increase business results across the marketing funnel

Don’t miss out on learning actionable insights your brand can use to spur business growth, and more deeply connect to key target customers. View the webinar recording now.

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Meet the Presenters

How TikTok Redefined The Customer Journey” Webinar Recording

As Senior Vice President at Material, Jeff partners with clients to gain a deep understanding of what makes consumers tick. He utilizes multi-methodological approaches, including qualitative and quantitative research, behavioral science, shopper insights, and digital analytics, to understand what people are doing and why. With experience across a variety of industries, his ability to identify insights through data and analytics provides brands with the essential information they need to understand how to reach target audiences.

Rachael Ryan

Rachael Ryan is part of TikTok’s Marketing Science team. Using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and technologies, Rachael designs large-scale global research studies into TikTok users and clients. Rachael has worked with Fortune 500s and startups in Tech, Ecommerce, Finance, Retail, and Government, specializing in thought leadership and advertising research. She delivers projects that enable global brands to make informed business decisions and drive marketing and business transformation.

Jacklyn Williams

As part of TikTok’s Marketing Science team, Jaclyn delivers thought leadership studies using mixed method approaches to build knowledge and help internal stakeholders and external partners understand the unique benefits of the platform and how best to engage with TikTok’s growing community. Jaclyn has several years of market research experience, previously working for Nielsen, MRC Data, and PRS IN VIVO, specializing in quantitative and behavioral methods focused on entertainment, CPG, retail, and advertising.

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