15 Recession-Proof Business Strategies for Leaders

Our experts have pulled together key insights to help your brand drive long-term success — even in hard times.

What’s the right next move in a recession environment?

Even as economists continue to debate when, and if, we’re headed toward a recession (or whether we’re actually in one now), the reality is that brands across categories are already feeling less confident about their next steps.  

These are just some of the questions we’ve been hearing:

“Where should we focus our strategic energies?” 

“What initiatives should we accelerate or press pause on?” 

“How have consumer behaviors changed over the last few years of pandemic-related disruptions—and how will they affect my brand’s potential growth as we move into even more uncertainty?”

To arrive at some answers, we sought help from our team of experts—and came up with a guide containing 15 strategies for shaking off your recession jitters so you can effectively prepare for what’s to come.

Re-frame your thinking to future-proof your business

“Recession-proofing” isn’t just about survival—it’s about growth. Challenging traditional mindsets that treat customers like transactions and pursuing transformations that help your business evolve will empower you to thrive, no matter the circumstances.

Consider how re-framing your thinking can help you adopt our 15 strategies for growth. After all, the brands that make it through a recession, a pandemic, or whatever the next crisis is, will be those that maintain true customer centricity and ongoing relevance in a digital-first, customer-led world—and that means more than making a sale.

As you work on your growth plan for 2023 and beyond, we believe the solutions in this guide—covering brand strategy, innovation, CX, and more—will help pave the way to long-term success in both the best and most challenging of times.

What you'll learn:

What insights to take away from past recessions and how to spot white space opportunities. 

How to innovate strategically by leveraging Science & Systems, deep human understanding, and design thinking to create streamlined, efficient omnichannel experiences. 

Ways to add value and differentiate your customer experience to drive continued loyalty to and engagement with your brand.

The top mistakes to avoid when operating in a recession environment, including tips for effectively adjusting budgets, segmentation, and tracking for the times.

How to optimize your employee experience and create a positive culture that supports and empowers your workforce through difficult times — and more. 

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