Cultural Foresight

Our cultural foresight team examines cultural shifts using semiotics, cultural landscaping, value identification and competitive analysis to identify whitespace and trends that are shaping customer expectations and beliefs.

Key Benefits

  • Identifying innovation spaces and opportunities to deepen brand relevance.

  • Envisioning probable futures informs the innovation roadmap and inspires fresh thinking.

How We Do It

We build cultural foresight thinking within organizations to help companies design for the future. Our unique scientific approach uses a range of approaches including semiotics, ethnography and social analytics to look beyond your immediate category to identify early-stage opportunities and threats, prioritizing ideation and action for innovation leaders.

Key Offerings & Services

  • Behavioral Science

    People are complicated. There are layers to their layers. We study the drivers of human behavior and apply decision science to develop frameworks for solving real-world problems with deep human understanding.

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  • Qualitative Insights

    Unstructured, in-depth conversations and observations of groups or individuals deliver deeper understanding into the motivations and benefits associated with category usage and brand choice so you can drive sales.

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  • Design Research

    Design research applies tangible, human-centered design methodologies to understand people’s current and desired experiences at every moment they intersect with a brand or product.

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