CX Strategy

Connecting insight to action, we co-create the optimal customer experience with our clients, shaping change through definition, design, inspiration and measurement.

Key Benefits

  • An orchestrated approach to CX creates the time, space and frameworks to convert insights to defined actions among key stakeholders, investing enterprise leadership from the start.

  • Co-created activation unifies key takeaways from data and analytics with the institutional knowledge of cross-functional stakeholders to produce a strategy and roadmap that accounts for the real dynamics of the business.

  • Informed by both deep human understanding and practical operational insight, while inspired by innovation, training and reinforcement, transformed teams drive transformational customer relationships.

  • Customer-centric, enabled front line teams yield increased employee satisfaction and improved retention, loyalty and engagement.

  • Continuous improvement through experience measurement sustains an accountable, activated internal culture of customer-centricity.

  • Brands with strong CX programs enjoy expanded market share and share of wallet, more loyal customers and reduced operating costs.

How We Do It

We confront the issues that CMO’s and CXO’s confront – from the first enterprise forays into building a CX function in their organization, to increasingly complex operating environments and high turnover; to great CX strategies that fall apart on front-line delivery. To these challenges, we bring an integrated team of strategists, researchers and technologists to identify, innovate, design and drive experience transformation. For us, this is not a conceptual exercise. It’s a growth mandate that sits both at the center of enterprise culture, and in the details of every customer interaction.

Key Offerings & Services

  • Current State Assessment

    Using a blend of quantitative and qualitative methods, we capture the voice of the customer and employees. Our behavioral science, analytics and design research teams bring unparalleled human insight to the foundations of our CX strategy work.

  • Co-creation & Activation Workshops

    Unifying a cross-functional group of stakeholders to align, understand, ideate and prioritize requires skilled facilitation in an immersive and interactive environment. Our workshops produce innovative thinking and definitive actions.

  • Experience Blueprint

    Expressing the architecture of the transformation program, the experience blueprint brings together key insights, core principles and a strategic roadmap for initiatives. It serves as the brand’s North Star for continuous evolution of the customer experience.

  • Experience Guide & Playbook

    Concise, easy-to-read employee playbooks link the customer journey to the employees’ ability to deliver it. A custom guide is co-created by our in-house creative team and client-side customer experience and brand leadership.

  • Employee Engagement & Education

    Almost more important than the strategy itself is galvanizing the workforce around it. To achieve this, we take a blended approach to employee education, applying multiple modalities to maximize engagement and adoption.

  • Internal CX Communications

    Second only to education and training enablement, a blended communications approach is vital to engage, reinforce and sustain the customer experience program. We bring clients a suite of creative tools to nurture program adoption and a CX culture through internal communications.

  • Experience Tracking

    Experience transformation is enabled through continuous learning that drives ongoing, timely experience improvement. Blended methods using survey tools and behavioral analytics illuminate both progress and improvement opportunities.

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