Customer Journey Mapping Services

Customer journey mapping services can help you map the series of steps consumers take - and touchpoints they encounter - on their way to buying so you can optimize or intervene to boost your chances of being chosen over competitors.

Our customer journey consultants specialize in crafting effective strategies with the ability to understand the consumer’s journey. From inspiration, through shopping and finally to buying allows brands to design tactics to intervene and boost the chances the journey will end with your brand, site, store or restaurant.

As most paths to purchase now include both online and offline components, often occurring at the very same time, visibility into where consumers are and what they’re doing along the way is crucial to showing up properly. We achieve this through a combination of survey and observational methods conducted by our customer journey mapping consultants.

Customer journey mapping consulting services helps you:

  • Decide when and where to advertise
  • Choose appropriate search terms
  • Craft interactions for differing shopping styles
  • Identify hurdles at your point of sale
  • Focus on moments that matter

Customer Journey Mapping Solution Approaches

  • Digital Journeys

    Visibility into category-level online shopping experiences illuminates journeys by measuring how, where and when people use digital platforms and search terms when shopping.

  • Qualitative Retrospective

    In-depth interviewers walk people through their customer journey in an iterative exploration capturing details about critical points in the decision-making process so you can see where and how to influence their decisions.

  • Quantitative Retrospective

    Structured surveys walk people through their recent journey, capturing critical points in the decision-making process so you can size them and decide where best to influence those decisions.

  • Sequence Modeling

    As a customer journey agency, we help in statistically grouping of individual journeys based on the touchpoints encountered and the sequence in which they occur to find, size and profile the most common types of journeys unique to your category.

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