Online Anthropology

To clear the noise and amplify the signals in both structured and unstructured data, we connect the domains of mathematics, computer science and business knowledge. Our analysis of large data sets relies on multidisciplinary principles and practices from mathematics, statistics, engineering and machine learning. We explain what is happening with customers, trends and media to help our clients make better, faster decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Driving engagement and optimizing experiences and programs.

  • Improving the targeting, performance and ROI of channel investments, media and message tactics.

  • Embedding measurement that drives continuous improvement.

  • Synthesizing multisource data into clear and actionable choice points.

  • Building and illuminating audiences.

  • Enriching brand and CX tracking programs.

How We Do It

We design, collect, unify and analyze data to create a unified view of human behavior. Combined with our holistic data sets, predictive modeling, and world-class business intelligence, we build optimized customer experiences by forecasting outcomes and prescribing strategies to boost engagement.  

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