We deliver lifetime value for your customers through transformative product design

We believe great products should live at the heart of the experiences companies create for their customers, embedding seamlessly into peoples’ lives and routines. That’s why we approach digital and physical product design as an opportunity for growth. For us, success is measured by a product’s capacity to transform company-customer relationships and win the lifetime loyalty of your customer.

Our practice spans the entirety of the product experience — we learn and make in unison to engineer physical and digital products for the modern consumer. From creating the physical and digital components of the product itself, to delivering the technology and deployment strategy required for a successful launch, our product team can help you drive long-term, sustainable value for your business and customers. And with a world-class innovation program, we’ll work together to shape future experiences with breakthrough products.

We’ve helped brands like Yamaha and State Farm expand their presence with new and improved apps, revolutionize their business model with two-sided platforms, and achieve greater consistency in how their products reflect their brand. Whatever your goal, you’ll need a partner like Material that deeply understands and embraces the diversity of the human condition — after all, products are designed by and for people.

OUR APPROACH ON Product Design

What makes us different

Moving from transactional moments to transformational relationships.

We leverage a science-based engine for understanding people as well as systems of ongoing learning + design to create customer-centric business models and experiences.

Product Design

Lifetime value for customers through transformative design.

Brand Tracking

Ongoing systems of learning and action for always-on improvement.

Market + Customer Insights

Investing in deep human understanding to put the customer first.

Experience + Data Platforms

Sophisticated technology designed with beautiful simplicity.

Our Work

Recent product design projects


Latest thinking on product design

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