Qualitative Communities

By talking to the same people over time, long-term qualitative communities uncover consumer emotions and triggers, providing deep insights as well as quick hit answers to the hot topic of the day.

We recruit relevant members of a given target market to join an intuitive and engaging online platform where they participate in ongoing dialog with us in a mix of qualitative, quantitative, verbal, visual and projective tasks that are sometimes one-on-one and other times collaborative. 

The subject matter is flexible and the timelines fast, so communities can be tapped to provide affordable answers to one-off questions that fit within the broader mandate of the group. 

Participants engage for days, weeks or months to allow learnings to build over time, achieving deeper insight than a focus group or in-depth interview can provide. 

Qualitative Communities allow brands to : 

  • Efficiently answer topical questions surfaced in the course of tracking brand health or by stakeholders 
  • Provide an agile test environment for message or concept development 
  • Learn reasons for category usage and brand choice to inform segmentation survey development 
  • Deeply and richly understand members of your target segments to round out your profiling of them 


  • Long Term Qualitative Communities

    Complement a market-representative tracking survey with a group of people with whom the brand can engage longitudinally over months or years, uncovering deeper emotions and triggers, and capturing quick hit answers to hot topics.

  • Customer or Fan Communities

    Engaging over time with a committed group of users or fans, obtain reactions to advertising ideas, input on potential actions, and listen actively to what they have to say about what more they want from the brand.

  • Pop-Up Communities

    Go deep on a topic, drive an agile development process, inform an upcoming segmentation, or illuminate the segments you find with richer and deeper insights that bring the quantitative findings to life.

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