Qualitative Insights Services

Best practice qualitative methods uncover emotions and triggers, providing deeper insights that address the why behind the what.

Qualitative methods improve customer centricity by bringing buyers to life for employees.  They can:

  • Identify unmet needs to identify white space for innovation
  • Aid concept development through co-creation so your teams learn and adapt rapidly
  • Stimulate empathy and understanding by bringing segments and need states to life
  • Offer longitudinal learning through proprietary online communities that reveal changes over time in preferences, influences and behaviors

Key benefits of qualitative research include:

  • Agile and cost-effective feedback
  • Richer understanding about why and how
  • Feedback with contextual understanding
  • A human face and voice to boost realism and understanding of findings


  • Culture Safaris

    Quickly assess a location, situation or other context in order to identify key themes or areas of interest to explore further.

  • Ethnography

    In-home or on-site observation of how customers actually use or buy products and services, bypassing posturing and facilitating deeper discussion and exploration of why’s beneath behaviors.

  • Online Anthropology

    Qualitative deep listening at massive scale. Analysis of all publicly accessible online comments about the category with a focus on uncovering pain points, motivations, trends and potential whitespace.

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  • Qualitative Communities

    Longitudinal online forums where participants can reflect, do homework assignments and collaborate, debate or contribute independently as appropriate for the timely question at hand.

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  • Moderated Focus Groups

    In-person or online discussions among several category users, facilitated by a moderator who can direct the conversation and probe where needed, leading to synergistic discoveries and debates.

  • In-depth Interviews (IDI’s)

    One-on-one interviewer-driven conversations that follow a guide but not a script, exploring relevant topics in-depth with the flexibility to go where the conversation goes naturally. Best for sensitive topics.

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