Reinventing home protection via custom digital experiences

We created a hyper-personalized, fully responsive digital platform for Allstate that empowers users to see and protect their homes in a whole new way. 

We created a hyper-personalized, fully responsive digital platform for Allstate that empowers users to see and protect their homes in a whole new way. 


Develop an informative customer experience.

Allstate is an innovative company, and they wanted an innovative tool. We were asked to design an optimized digital experience for prospects and customers to demonstrate how Allstate is reinventing home protection.

An innovative digital experience that hits home.

We wanted to show consumers innovative ways to protect their homes—in an innovative way. Our ultimate goal was to position Allstate as a leader within the home insurance category, creating an interactive design experience that would be valuable to anyone, whether or not they were an Allstate customer. Put another way, we wanted to create a whiz-bang digital point of engagement to prove out how Allstate is reinventing home protection.

Personalization to the extreme.

It’s not enough for an insurance brand to talk about general risks — people are interested in their personal situation. We delivered a digital experience for Allstate that streamlined customers’ access to meaningful data, such as common and costly claims in their ZIP code, good ideas for projects based on the current local weather, and more.

To achieve this, we created a product that helps users explore their homes with location-specific information, all so they can better protect them. The user just had to confirm their address that we already sniffed out from their IP address, and we took care of the rest.

Whether it was through bringing in street view imagery or providing their city’s population, all aspects of GoodHome were as tailored to the user as possible, resulting in a nearly limitless number of unique scenarios. Through a guided, animated, and interactive experience, we served up tips, tools, and fun facts related to users’ homes.

Tapping into the power of APIs.

We thought through all the ways we could provide detailed, specific, useful information to a user — with hardly any input from them. We only asked them to confirm their address, after all. The way to do that? Use our technology chops and tap into lots of APIs.

GoodHome pulls data from nine, in fact, including Google Maps, Onboard Informatics, Weather Underground, Berkeley Lab Home Energy Saver and Allstate’s Common & Costly Claims. Using CSS3 animation, users see personalized information and the relevant resources that can help them learn how to maintain and protect their homes and lives.

The experience is tailored to each user’s address, providing a truly customized view of their home.

Good Home example for Allstate on laptop.

Engaged users and more quote requests.

We were able to deliver Allstate impressive results. First of all, a visitor who uses the GoodHome tool is over 350% more likely to get a quote. We also gained a remarkable time-on-page. On average, people stay on the site for 6 to 7 minutes. And almost half of the people who use the tool end up typing in more than one address. They’re playing around with it.

Ultimately, GoodHome has helped Allstate agents build better relationships with their customers, and helped Allstate stand out from its competition.

The GoodHome experience provides an innovative digital touchpoint that supports Allstate’s mission to reinvent home protection.

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